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"COVID-19" - Resources for TPA's

COVID-19  – Resources for TPA Business Owners

As you are aware from working on this issue within your own organizations, the information and challenges shift by the hour, notwithstanding the U.S. Government’s national emergency declaration on Friday, March 13—alongside international travel restrictions—due to COVID-19. NIPA is compiling a number of resources to help arm you with the best options for how to protect your employees, balance business needs and satisfy client demands. Check the listings below and their associated links for more information.  



From NIPA, is this summary of the recently passed H.R. 6201, Families First Coronavirus Response Act. The summary contains information related to Emergency Paid Sick Leave, Family and Medical Leave, and Unemployment Insurance Provisions as outlined in H.R. 6201. 


NIPA webcast recording: retirement plans under the cares act - presented by Ilene H. Ferenczy, J.D., APA, CPC and Adrienne I. Moore, J.D., Ferenczy Benefits Law Center

NIPA is proud to offer this webcast recording titled, Retirement Plans Under the CARES Act, presented by Ilene H. Ferenczy, J.D., APA, CPC and Adrienne I. Moore, J.D., of Ferenczy Benefits Law Center. To provide emergency assistance for individuals affected by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, Congress has passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Part of the relief available under this legislation includes increased access to retirement plan funds.  In this webcast, Ilene Ferenczy and Adrienne Moore will address the legislation's impact on retirement plans, including: 

  • Expansion of plan loan provisions
  • Modification of the hardship distribution rules, and 
  • Waiver of RMDs for 2020
This webcast is free for NIPA members and is $99 for non-members. Follow the link here to access it. 


Coronavirus workplace checklist - AFFINITY HR GROUP

Provided by NIPA's Partner, Affinity HR Group, this Coronavirus Workplace Checklist


As state, local, and municipal governments take steps to re-open businesses across the country, employers must take a fresh look at their physical workspace, their workplace practices, and their communication and training of employees in order to prohibit the spread of the coronavirus and to protect their employees and clients to keep them safe.


In the provided PDF, is a checklist for employers to consider when planning to reopen, or for those businesses who have remained open under an "essential business" clarification. This checklist serves to provide some ideas, resources and reminders on how to improve the level of safety and protection in your workplace. 


return to work sample policy - AFFINITY HR GROUP

Provided by NIPA's Partner, Affinity HR Group, this Return to Work Sample Policy.


This sample policy provides information on healthy & safety during the pandemic, time-off policies, reducing the spread of germs/social distancing, and other general notes that may be pertinent. 


Use the included sample policy as a guideline, recognizing that each employer's situation will be unique and is dependent on their industry, ability to work remotely, and the state of COVID-19 infections in their location community.

Webinar recording: COVID UPDATE - What employers need to know this week - by Claudia st. john of AFFINITY HR GROUP

Hosted by NIPA's Partner, Affinity HR Group. This webinar recording, titled "COVID Update - What Employers Need to Know This Week." 


As government orders across the country start to be lifted, employers who have been closed face the task of reopening their workplaces and those who have been operating as essential businesses face their own challenges of keeping employees safe.  This week's webinar will cover:

  • The latest guidance from the CDC and OSHA on maintaining a safe workplace
  • Issues related to Workers Compensation and employer liability
  • Employer challenges related to managing PPP loans, competing with Unemployment Insurance and ongoing FFCRA administration
  • Your questions 
Webinar recording: employee considerations for re-opening work - by Claudia st. john of AFFINITY HR GROUP

Hosted by NIPA's Partner, Affinity HR Group, this webinar recording covers Employee Considerations for Re-Opening Work. While many companies have remained open as "essential" businesses, many have closed and are eager to reopen. With states and locals contemplating plans to open their economies back up, businesses have turned their attention to:

  • Ways to structure and/or stagger a safe return to work
  • How best to layout and sanitize the workplace
  • safe practices for managing potentially exposed, sick, and recovered employees according to CDC guidelines


request for emergency paid sick leave Form - AFFINITY HR GROUP

Provided by NIPA's Partner, Affinity HR Group, this Request for Emergency Paid Leave form. Utilize this form for employee requests for emergency paid sick leave or emergency FMLA as provided under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. 


Cares Act flow chart - AFFINITY HR GROUP

Provided by NIPA's Partner, Affinity HR Group, this CARES Act Flow Chart. Developed by the US House Committee on Small Business, this flow chart provides helpful information if you are considering either a Paycheck Protection Program Loan (PPP Loan) or an Economic Injury Disaster Loan Grant (EIDL). The flow chart outlines what the two types of loans are, who may be eligible to apply for them, how the process works, how to apply, and other useful information involved with both..


WEBINAR recording: Workplace response - dealing with actual covid-19 cases at work - BY CLAUDIA ST. JOHN OF AFFINITY HR GROUP

Hosted by NIPA's Partner, Affinity HR Group, this webinar recording titled Workplace Response - Dealing with Actual COVID-19 Cases at Work.


Last week it was how to comply with the Families First Coronavirus Response and CARES Acts. This week, unfortunately, it's about dealing with actual COVID cases at work. As this pandemic matures across the U.S., businesses are evolving from preparing for to dealing with coronavirus infections. They are faced with ongoing questions such as:

  • What happens if there's an exposure in my workplace?
  • What should we do if an employee's spouse gets sick?
  • What documents do "essential employees" need if they're pulled over on the way to work?
  • What if an "essential employee" is afraid to come to work?
  • What documents do we need if someone needs to take Emergency Sick Leave?
Webinar Recording: employer covid-19 response - an overview of the cares act - by claudia st. john of affinity hr group

Hosted by NIPA's partner, Affinity HR Group, this webinar recording titled Employer COVID-19 Response - An Overview of the CARES Act. The topics covered by Claudia St. John in this webinar are as follows:

  • Provide the latest updates on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (In effect Wednesday April 1, 2020)
  • Present an overview of the CARES Act
  • Address COVID-19 Employer responses and legal requirements
  • Question & Answer session

In addition to the webinar recording provided by NIPA's partner, Affinity HR Group, is this helpful information summary sheet regarding the recently passed Coronavirus Aid Relief Economic Security (C.A.R.E.S.) Act. This summary covers topics relevant to businesses like Payroll Protection Loans, Refundable Employee Retention Credit, and Expanded Disaster Loans and Grants. It also briefly covers topics relevant to employees like Individual Stimulus Payments, Expanded Unemployment Benefits, and the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program. 


webinar Recording: families first coronavirus response act - what you need to know - by Claudia st. john of AFFINITY HR GROUP (Also included: employer questions answered video)

Hosted by NIPA's partner, Affinity HR Group, this webinar titled Families First Coronavirus Response Act - What You Need to Know. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act established two new federal laws: the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act and the Emergency Family & Medical Expansion Act.  In this webinar, Affinity HR Group's Claudia St. John will go over the provisions of the new laws, what they cover, what they don't, and what employers need to know.  We will also be taking questions from participants on topics such as:

  • How to comply with the new Families First Act
  • Issues relating to telecommuting 
  • Impacts of "Remain in Place" requirements, definitions of "essential businesses" and more.

Click the following link for the slides from this webinar.


Click the following link for Affinity HR Group's follow-up "FFCRA & CARES Act - Employer Question Answered" video. This recorded Q&A video provides some additional context to some of the questions that may have arose following their related Families First Coronavirus Response Act - What You Need to Know webinar. 


urgent hr minute: families first act webinar & some considerations for laying off employees - AFFINITY HR GROUP

Provided by NIPA's partner, Affinity HR Group, is this helpful information sheet titled Urgent HR Minute: Families First Act Webinar & Some Considerations for Laying Off Employees. On top of providing a brief description of their upcoming  March 25th webinar and link to register, this summary provides information business owners should consider during the current business climate. In-particular, the difficult decisions many companies are having to make about laying off their employees.



Hosted by NIPA's partner, Affinity HR Group, a webinar titled Workplace Response: COVID-19 How to Plan, that has compiled helpful information to ensure you are better prepared to navigate the evolving landscape we are currently in. With the COVID-19 virus' impact on people and businesses growing more serious every day, many companies are left trying to figure out their best options for how to protect their employees, balance business needs, and satisfy client demands. Most importantly, this will answer a number of the questions you may have as you craft your own response plan.


Click the following link for the Affinity HR Plan for COVID-19 Handout from this webinar.


Relevant video resources provided by affinity hr group

From NIPA's partner, Affinity HR Group, are the links below to different videos resources they've created that provide beneficial information and insight during this unprecedented time. The variety of topics range from covering Federal resources, as well as things to consider if you are contemplating layoffs, and quick tips on why your company should considering having employees work from home. 

Protecting your workers from coronavirus - risk strategies

From NIPA's partner, Risk Strategies, comes this prescient information guide on Protecting Your Workers From Coronavirus. Focusing on the facts, this guide offers an overview of what the virus is, how it spreads, and what can be done to protect your workforce and business during this difficult period.


emergency briefing: business interruption insurance - risk strategies

From NIPA's partner, Risk Strategies, is this Emergency Brief: Business Interruption InsuranceThis information guide is focused on business interruption insurance as well as additional losses a business may have during this crisis and other notable areas of concern.


Pandemic PREPARATION & Response plan template - RISK STRATEGIES

From NIPA's partner, Risk Strategies, is this Pandemic Sample Plan that is designed to be a supporting plan component of the overall Business Continuity Management ProgramThis plan is an organizational level plan that guides the emergency response of personnel and resources during a pandemic outbreak.


crisis management program - RISK STRATEGIES

From NIPA's partner, Risk Strategies, is this Crisis Management Program.


Business continuity plan template - RISK STRATEGIES

From NIPA's partner, Risk Strategies, is this Business Continuity Plan Template that is a template designed to help you begin the continuity planning process for your company. Sample text has been provided for the majority of the sections to serve as a starting point.  Business continuity planning is the process of identifying the parts of your company that are most vulnerable in order to create a plan to recover them if a business interruption occurs. 


connect and share with fellow tpa business owners

Have questions or resources related to running a TPA Business - especially in these uncertain times? NIPA Business Owner Members have a private discussion forum already set up: the NIPA Business Owner Member Peer-to-Peer Exchange. This is an unprecedented time for most U.S. business owners, so let's lean on each other to ensure the long-standing strength and resiliency of TPA businesses across the nation.

  • Log into your NIPA member profile and click on Manage Profile in the top right corner of the page
  • Under the Community heading, select Groups
  • Click on Business Owner Members: Resources 

This exchange is available to TPA Business Owner members only. To learn more about becoming a TPA Business Owner member and how you can access exclusive resources like the Peer-to-Peer Exchange, please contact NIPA Headquarters


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