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Mission & Vision
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Mission Statement

To enhance professionalism in the retirement plan industry.

Vision Statement

We are a leading provider of educational programs for retirement plan professionals. We provide opportunities for professional growth by offering relevant, comprehensive, quality programs and designations, and by promoting and supporting chapters in order to allow networking benefits on a local basis.

Code of Ethics

In recognition of the moral, legal and ethical standards properly expected by peers and the public from practitioners of pension plan administration, and as a member of the National Institute of Pension Administrators, or an Accredited Pension Administrator or Representative, or an applicant for Accredited Pension Administrator or Representative, I do hereby commit myself to the following Standards of Professional Conduct.

  1. I will practice within the laws and regulations governing pension plans
  2. I will maintain a personal continuing education program in order to improve my competency in the administration of pension plans.
  3. I will design and administer pension plans consistent with the expressed goals of my clients
  4. I will practice only within the limits of my own competence and license, and I will recommend to my clients that they seek counsel of other professionals when appropriate.
  5. I will hold in strict confidence information obtained from my clients, except as directed by the client or a court of law.
  6. I will deliver, on direction from my client, all documents and information essential to the administration of a plan to a successor administrator.
  7. I will avoid conflicts of interest, but if such conflicts arise, I will resolve them so that financial gain or other personal benefit will not interfere with my obligation to serve the interests of plan participants and their beneficiaries.
  8. I will support the professional integrity of the Association.
  9. I will exchange ideas and experiences which will improve pension administration and assist my fellow administrators in solving problems of the profession.
  10. I will contribute, insofar as possible, my time and talent to the promotion of the pension administration profession and the Association.
  11. I will not engage in any discriminatory conduct or practice which shall deny to any person the benefit of employment within the pension administration profession.
  12. I will be truthful in all advertising and solicitation of business.
  13. I shall not engage in any activity or conduct which constitutes dishonest, deceitful, fraudulent or willfully illegal acts while conducting my practice as a pension administrator.
  14. I will honor the integrity of the designation I hold with NIPA and respect any limitations placed upon it.
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